Giving Up White Flour

I’ve decided that eating foods made with white flour is standing in the way of my getting into the best shape of my life.  Today is Day 2 of  “just saying ‘no’ ” to the white stuff. I breezed through yesterday and lulled myself into the belief that this was going to be very easy. And then there is today…

Normally I can pass by the snack machine in the break room and not even glance at what’s inside. But today….today I had some sort of fascination with a package of Sun Chips. I love Sun Chips. Guess what? They are made with white flour. And I’m not eating that anymore. I thought about those Sun Chips for much of the day today. I know this craving is just a symptom of withdrawal. I know that white flour isn’t healthy for me. I know I can still eat healthy whole grains, which are so much better for me.

But today I found myself rationalizing why I shouldn’t do this, which tells me I need to do this. One day at a time.

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