In Praise of Nashville’s Winter Weather Panic

Yesterday Nashville got a little winter weather in the form of some freezing rain and a dusting of snow. And right on cue, those who’ve transplanted themselves here from other parts of the country began joking about how the city completely shuts down. Metro Nashville and surrounding county schools were closed, Vanderbilt University and other area colleges and universities cancelled classes, and many businesses were in work-from-home mode. Because this part of the country doesn’t get that many snow days, we don’t have all of the road clearing infrastructure of, say, Boston or New York. So, yeah, we shut down. Even I, a Nashville Native can joke about it.

Screenshot-2018-1-13 Pam Brown ( pamojamogram) • Instagram photos and videos

But really, I embrace it. Every meeting I had on my schedule yesterday cancelled (and I was on the decision-making team regarding two of the cancellations). I worked from home and completed several projects that have been on my plate for weeks, while taking a shift covering my agency’s Intake Line. I remained in ongoing communication with members of my team who were also working from home. Everything got handled.

Having unexpected desk time yesterday rather than a day full of meetings meant that the work I brought home to do today is already completed and my Saturday is free for house cleaning followed by knitting and watching football! In fact, I’m finished with the housework and as soon as I publish this blog post I’m going do one hour of decluttering per the schedule I put in my Bujo. All of this after sleeping until 8 a.m. this morning. That. Never. Happens.

Every once in a while, Mother Nature provides Southerners an opportunity to break from our daily routines and play catch-up. Or rest and do nothing. So for all of you who are from someplace else, laugh at us all you want. I don’t care because I feel less overwhelmed for having caught up on things, and more importantly, my floors are clean.

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