Motivation Monday: It’s Not Too Late


I procrastinated. I was supposed to plant the Amaryllis Red Lion bulb in early November in order to enjoy the blooms during Christmas time. I misplaced the box containing the pot, soil and bulb. Actually, I misplaced it and promptly forgot about it.

It was late November when I found it. I decided to go ahead and plant it. So here we are on January 27 and I am enjoying beautiful red flowers. I didn’t get to enjoy them when I was supposed to, but they sure are brightening my kitchen now.

A lot of people made New Year’s Resolutions because they were supposed to. And a lot of folks have either forgotten them by now or they are beating themselves up for not following through.

As I’ve said here before, I don’t make resolutions. I make goals and develop strategies for achieving them. My fitness goals include a year-long plan. That plan is divided into four quarters with specific goals for each. As I shared last week, I missed a week of workouts due to the Polar Vortex followed by my laziness. But because I have a year-long plan, all was not lost and I was able to pick up where I left off.

If you are beating yourself up because you didn’t stop smoking, start the diet, stop drinking, get the better job, get married, learn a foreign language, or start training for a marathon on January 1, please cut yourself some slack. You can begin your journey of self improvement any day you wish. Today, even.

January 1 is over and done with. But you have today.

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