My Wheat Confession

I ate wheat on Thursday, Day 29 of my 100 day emphasis to Abstain from the Grain. I decided not to beat myself up over it. And I learned a good lesson about what not to do next time.

I was invited to a business lunch in someone’s home. She served a beautiful, Greek meal. There was salad, fruit, pita crackers with salsa, and small wraps. I would have been just fine eating the fruit and salad IF…and this is a big IF…

…If I hadn’t shown up for the lunch hungrier than I would advise anyone to be.

You see, I’ve gotten myself on a juicing kick. On most mornings, I stop by a juice bar and get a 16 ounce cup of something. Sometimes it’s green, sometimes it’s red as a beet. I’ll enjoy that on an empty stomach, and about an hour later I’ll have a light breakfast. Well, on Thursday I never got around to having breakfast. When it was time to have lunch I was famished. I got some fruit, salad, two pita chips and a wrap. I wasn’t comfortable unwrapping the wrap and eating its contents in front of the generous hostess who provided the meal. And again, I was HUNGRY. Later that afternoon I felt groggy, congested, and my eyelids were a little puffy.

I anticipated having a rough day on Friday. I feared I would experience withdrawal, but I actually breezed through the day. Perhaps I’d done so much detoxing between Days 1 and 28, my slip didn’t cause too much damage. Today is Day 35 and it’s great to be back on track.

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