Snapshot Saturday: 11-3-12

According to my marathon training plan this is a recovery week. I only had to run five miles today. YAY! I headed back out to beautiful Percy Warner Park to soak up more Fall color. I did the 5.8 route. The first 3.25 miles are the same as the route I ran last week.

I’ve been a little disappointed in myself since returning to Percy Warner a few weeks ago. I’ve had to walk stretches of the hills. I’ve decided to stop feeling intimidated by the course and other than pausing my Garmin to take these photos, I attacked the hills jogged the entire course. Except for a nagging case of plantar fasciitis, I feel pretty fantastic.

These steps are located at the entrance of the park. If you watch the TV show Nashville, you might like to know that Rayna had a tearful conversation with Deacon in Episode Three right on these here steps, ya’ll. Not that I know this from watching the show.

There are no words to describe this beautiful day in Nashville.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but this stretch of road became a bit of a climb.

Not a moment too soon.

This is where the 5.8 and the 11.2 mile routes split. Last week I took a right. Today I took a left. I’ve gone 3.25 miles at this point.

I. Love. Fall.

More color to my right.

I took a picture here last week but since my heart rate was about to go anaerobic, I thought I’d stop and take another. You’re welcome.

Judging from the amount of fallen leaves, I’d say my favorite time of year is slipping away. If I had 365 days of this I suppose I’d take it for granted.

Last shot of the morning. I think this was somewhere between 4.5 and 5 miles.

Next week I’m doing the Nashville Half Marathon. Don’t know how many photos I’ll take but I’ll fire off a few.

So tell me, where is your favorite place to run or walk?

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2 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: 11-3-12

  1. Beautiful photos. Good luck with your race! 🙂

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