About Plates

I’ve been thinking about plates. Yes, I actually spend time pondering such mundane things.

Yesterday while I was making a salad for lunch, I pulled a salad plate out of the cabinet. And then I thought to myself, “Why do we use small plates for salads and large plates for the other stuff like meat, potatoes, casseroles, etc. Isn’t the salad the healthier food? Shouldn’t that go on the large plate?” And so I replaced the salad plate with a dinner plate and piled it full of good stuff. Observe.

big salad

That’s a pile of baby greens, cherry tomatoes, some cucumber, 1/4 cup of 2% cheddar cheese, and one packet of low sodium albacore tuna. I made the ranch dressing using low fat buttermilk instead of regular. I adjust the proportion of mayo to buttermilk so it’s lower in fat. The deviled eggs, while not as fabulous as the ones my mom and my Aunt Doris make, were made with 1/2 teaspoon of mayo, mustard, and sugar-free relish. If you are into Weight Watchers, all of that food was 10 points.

Last night the hubs and I ate out and a small piece of my salmon came home with me in a huge takeout container. I made today’s lunch salad in that container. Topped with the salmon, it was very large and very healthy.

I’m making a conscious effort to increase my daily intake of raw veggies. I’m once again sneaking raw spinach into my protein shakes. But the best way I know to accomplish this is to ditch the dainty salad plate and build my salads on a big ‘ol, manly dinner plate.

Bon appetit!

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