Why I stopped blogging

Apparently, at least one person reads this blog. I know this because a few weeks ago a friend reached out to me via Facebook private messaging to ask why I haven’t posted all year.

The answer, in a word,  is bandwidth.

Last year I began feeling a nudge that I was supposed to serve the nonprofit community in a different way. I’d been a development director for 20 years and I felt a Higher Powered calling to make a change. In November I began interviewing with a wonderful nonprofit, Insight Counseling Centers, to be its Executive Director. I was the successful candidate and during the month of December I worked out my notice at my former job. My executive director gig began January 3 and for the first few months I felt like I was drinking out of a fire hose. So much to learn! So many people to meet! A few organizational changes to make! And a big office move!

By May 1 we had created a new department (Intake) to better serve people seeking counseling. Then it was time to turn our attention to moving our Nashville Center. The building we’d been housed in for 32 years recently sold and is going to be torn down soon. It is a beautiful, almost 100 year old house that was in great need of repair. I’m sad to see it torn down, but the new owners have other plans for the land. #sadface.  Once we found new, affordable space several colleagues and I began going through closet after closet, file after file, to determine was was to be kept and what was to be shredded according to HIPAA standards. It was a mammoth task that took weeks to complete.


The office move involved a little dust.

We moved the center last week and I feel a huge sense of relief.

Looking back on the last eight months, I realize I’ve gone through a process that will give me more empathy for my coaching clients. I’ve been working far outside of my comfort zone as I’ve never before served as a nonprofit executive director. While there have been days of self doubt, this experience has also brought be closer to God because I need to rely on His guidance for the next right thing to do. My morning prayers include a request for wisdom and discernment.

While there is still plenty on my Insight plate and I have coaching clients to serve, this week I feel as though I’m coming up for air. I look forward to re-engaging with this blog and I hope you’ll re-engage with me.

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  1. Denise says:

    Yes ma’am!

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