My Most Important Workouts

I believe my most important workouts are the ones I don’t want to do. Take this morning’s session for example. I stayed up way too late last night and I awoke to a to-do list a mile long. My marathon training schedule called for a four-mile run. There was a conversation going on inside my head. I tried to justify sleeping in, but I couldn’t do it. There may be times I can’t adhere to my schedule due to the cold or flu, so I’d better bank my training sessions now. I’m not planning to get sick, but one never knows.

Once I arrived at the green way I decided to take in the fall color, not yet at its peak (at least I hope not) but still pretty. I saw about six deer along the path. A few of them ran off as soon as I neared. One was engrossed in chewing on breakfast and couldn’t be bothered with being scared…a deer after my own heart.

As I neared a tunnel about halfway through my run I spotted a man on his Pee-wee Herman-style bike trusty steed. It was my friend Roland. He was followed closely behind by his wife/my friend, Sarah, on foot. I gave Sarah a “you go, girl.” She gave me a look that could only be interpreted as “I wish this was over.”

Later I emailed Sarah to let her know it was good to see her and copped to my attitude this morning. I asked her what she was training for and how far she ran today. When I saw her she was on her final mile of an eight-mile run. She and her daughter are training for Memphis’ Saint Jude Half Marathon in December and will fund raise for that marvelous hospital.

” I kept thinking if those children and parents can endure the chemo, radiation, etc. I can run eight miles for these precious ones, hence my motivation to suck it up and keep running!” How’s that for a little perspective?

Since my workout I’ve had a wonderfully-productive day. Most of the items on my to-do list are now crossed off. The few that remain can easily be handled tonight or tomorrow. I credit the endorphins, but that’s not all. By working out when I really, REALLY didn’t want to, I was telling myself I am a disciplined person. And disciplined people get the job done.

Tomorrow’s schedule calls for a three-miler (this is a recovery week). I hope I’ll want to run but if not…

I’ll do it anyway.

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