Am I Allergic to White Flour?

I’ve been pretty much white flour-free since January 4. For the past few weeks I’ve been terribly congested and I sneeze so often it’s embarrassing. Just ask anyone whose office is located near mine. I’ve been thinking about making an appointment for an allergy test, but the thought of needles and track marks on my back doesn’t spur me to action.

Last Saturday my cardio workout was very diva-licious. I used an elliptical trainer that has a TV attached to it. Always a sucker for a recovery story, I found a show that featured folks in various rehab situations. One woman suffers from MS and is addicted to prescription pain killers. Her course of action was to submit to a “rapid detox” program. She was completely sedated and infused with some sort of solution that would flush her system of drugs, and when she awoke she wouldn’t have to deal with the physical symptoms of detox. What does that have to do with my possible white flour allergy? While she was unconscious she started sneezing…and sneezing…and sneezing. The doctor attending to her said that sneezing is common when detoxing.

That made me wonder if my allergy symptoms could be related to detoxing from white flour. I checked in with a close friend who confirmed that my congestion and sneezing started just a day or two after I gave up white flour. Hmmm.

Yesterday I woke up realizing I was breathing easier than I had in weeks. And no sneezing. I had a business lunch at an Italian restaurant and the meal was pre-ordered and served family-style. I had salad, a small portion of lasagna and a portion of pasta. About two hours later I was once again congested. And when I woke up this morning I had a terrible sneeze attack. It was so severe I could barely catch my breath between sneezes.

If you have any experience with possible allergies such as this, I’d love to hear from you. I do plan to stop procrastinating and get tested for allergies. But I wonder if I already have the answer.

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  1. Steve Sak. says:

    Dr. Barry Sears, author of the Zone, says that stuff causes internal inflammation. Bad stuff happens inside of us that we can’t see and aren’t aware of until it is too late. But I do love me some “Hot, Fresh” Krispy Kremes on free day!

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