Half Marathon Training Report: The Final Long Mileage Session

I have to say, I think I have the nicest friends in the world. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Last weekendvI was scheduled to cover 12 miles and for some reason I was dreading it. I posted the following message on Facebook on Saturday.

Runner/jogger friends: tomorrow after church I’m doing my final long run before an upcoming half marathon. Private message me if you have it in your heart to go a couple of miles with me to help break up the loneliness and despair.

On Sunday morning my friend Karen messaged me and told me she and her husband Walt (also my friend) would meet me and keep me company for a few miles. Weather.com told me there was a only 20% chance of rain but we had a nice, uncomfortable shower about the time I was set to begin. Karen and I agreed that she and Walt would meet me at 2:30. I had already decided to cut the long run to 10 miles since I lost a week of training during a recent ice storm. I hate running in rain so I began my training on the treadmill and hoped the rain would stop before our meetup time. I got 5.5 miles in, leaving me 4.5 to cover outside. Thankfully, the rain stopped.

I sort of overdid it on the treadmill in an effort to rush through the mileage and I felt a little queezy. Once Walt and Karen arrived I determined my best approach would be to walk most of the remaining 4.5 miles. I have two goals for this half marathon, my first in two years: to show up uninjured, and to finish.

Walt walked with us for about 30 minutes. Karen hung with me for the entire 4.5 miles. That’s 4.5 miles in damp, chilly weather. I can’t tell you how happy I was to have people to talk to. You know you have good friends when they are willing to come out in less than idea weather to help pass the time. A nap would have been so much more comfortable and convenient. I promise to pay it forward.

And so now my taper begins. I’ve never been so under trained for 13.1 miles. While I never missed a long session I never got my mileage up to 12 miles as my schedule prescribed. I’ve done two 10-milers. I’ve missed a lot of mid week sessions to the ice storm, work commitments, and honestly from a bit of laziness. But as we say in the south, “it’s all over but the cryin’.” My coach/training partner/Lynn  and I debriefed and she reminded me that if I had to cover 13 miles tomorrow, we both know I could do it, it just might hurt a lot. I’m going to make sure my tapering sessions are quality ones. And from there it’s..


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