Training Cancelled Due to Snow

I was scheduled to run three miles yesterday. I didn’t do it. Here’s why.

Photo: Anna Claire Hoffman

Photo credit: Anna Claire Hoffman

Yesterday, MARCH 5, Nashville got a little snow shower. You have to realize this is the south, y’all and 2.9 inches of snow…especially in March…is a big deal. And there was a nice little layer of ice beneath the snow. I know this because hubs and I cleared our driveway.

I’m supposed to run four miles tomorrow. Those four will likely be done on the treadmill. Whatever melting takes place today will refreeze overnight and the roads and green ways will be slippery.

Thankfully, I’m tapering so missing yesterday’s run shouldn’t hurt too much. My half marathon is a week from tomorrow. Yikes!


Note: Nashville isn’t the only city that got a lot of snow yesterday. If your area was affected, check on your relatives and neighbors, especially older adults who may need some extra support.

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2 Responses to Training Cancelled Due to Snow

  1. wf7i says:

    We’re having the same deal in Roanoke. A big run planned for tomorrow but the ice may have other plns.

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