It’s National Running Day

Today is National Running Day, but I’m not running. I had an early morning conference call, so I planned this week’s (C25K, Week 8) sessions for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. So rather than run, I’d like to tell you about a run, specifically Sunday’s outing.

My C25K plan called for 2.75 miles. I ran around the streets near my house before venturing out to an adjacent neighborhood. While close to home, the newspaper deliverer was driving by. She clearly had her route memorized because she showed no need to slow down between throws. When she passed me she slowed down to make sure she got my attention. She flashed a wonderfully huge smile and gave me a thumbs up.

The deliverer had no idea how much I needed the encouragement. I was less than 24 hours out from the car accident and my legs were heavy. Truth be known, my heart was a little heavy too as I thought about the upcoming paperwork and inconvenience…yes, First World Problems. Her small act of kindness brought me out of my funk. My legs felt no less heavy but my heart was light.

And I ran on.

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