Blooms, Glorious Blooms

Last week I told you about the rose bush I planted as a way of celebrating earning my Associate Certified Coach credential. Ignoring that old piece of advise, “a watched pot never boils,” I’ve been watching and waiting, waiting and watching, for those little buds to become blooms. A few days after I wrote that post, the first bloom began to slowly open and I’ve been delighted.

That little rose bush has begun occupying my thoughts. One night last week a colleague at my non-profit job asked me to stay late and help her edit a 24-page newsletter which was going to the printer the next morning. While I was happy to help, my first thought was, “Will I get home in time to water my rose bush?”. I guess you could say I’ve become obsessed, just like the Rosarians warned me.

Here are some recent photos. Now, do you blame me for being obsessed?



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