Motivation Monday: The Wind on Her Face

I’m a sucker for stories about overcoming challenges. They inspire me to get up in the morning and work out when I’d rather roll over and sleep an extra hour. Last week my local newspaper, The Tennessean, ran a story about blind cyclists and the freedom they feel when riding tandem with sighted cyclists. Peggy Ivie, a 60-year old with retinitis pigmentosa had this to say about cycling:

“The feel of that wind on my face,” she said. “It’s just exhilarating.”

Oh, sister, I get it. The experience of wind on my face is one of my favorite things about cycling. It brings me back to my childhood. Every time. I re-experienced that recently when I embarked on my first solo ride since buying my bike a few years ago.

If you’re a cyclist, and even if you’re not, I invite you to click the source link below the photo and read the brief article in its entirety. It will make you smile.


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