I’m Ready For a Reboot!


I recently read an article written by a working mother of four who “refuses to be busy.” I loved it. Here’s the link in case you’d like to give it a read (and I hope you will read it).

As I look back at April, 2014 I realize I have been busy. Very busy. April happens to be an extremely, well, busy month for me in my job as a Development Director for a Nashville non-profit organization. While that is out of my control, I have to be honest and realize that some of my business was my choice. Here’s what happens when I allow myself to get too busy:

  • I don’t take the time to pack healthy lunches. Sadly, I had a few fast food meals this month.
  • My mind is still racing when I go to bed and I don’t sleep well.
  • I have knots in my back that the best massage therapists can’t penetrate.
  • My jaw is clenched and my shoulders are parked close to my ears.
  • I feel short-tempered and impatient.
  • My house is a mess which makes me even more tense.

As I look forward to leaving April and moving into May I realize I need and want to reboot. A coaching client of mine likes to say, “I need a lot of margins in my day.” Well, sister, so do I. Next month I plan to plow through the business I can’t control and bring my A Game to every situation. But there are things I can control. For example:

I’ll not run a 5K on the morning of my nephew’s college graduation.

Yes, I was actually going to drive across town to the race site, run/walk a 5K, come back home and frantically get ready for the ceremony. Um, an early workout at my nearby Y will serve me just fine.

I plan to be on the lookout for other examples of calendar creep and be more mindful about adding those margins into my days.  Just the thought of it makes me feel better.

What about you? Do you suffer from chronic business? Are you ready to reboot?


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