Of Mulch and Muscle Soreness

What is it about a mild, low humidity Middle Tennessee Saturday that makes me think I should do three days worth of yard work in one? After planting shrubs at my mom’s house, I decided it was time to mulch my yard. You see, I love a freshly mulched yard. It makes me happy to drive into the driveway after a long day and enjoy the mulched neatness. I think it makes the statement, “Hey neighbor, I don’t want you to have to stare at my raggedy yard. I want you to have a pretty view during your five second drive by.” I mulch because I care.


This little guy is happy to be relaxing on a fresh bed of mulch.

This little guy is happy to be relaxing on a fresh bed of mulch.

I cared a little too much on Saturday. I pulled weeds and applied 19 bags worth of shredded pine bark. My energy reserves never ran dry. I was on fire. When all was said and done I’d worked about seven non-stop hours, including the time spent at mom’s. My only break was to go back to my local hardware store for my second load of mulch. Where was hubs, you ask? He helped me unload the car, which I appreciated. And he helped me when I found a swarm of termites living in a tree stump I’d kept around as a decorative element. But I’m a gardening loaner. I work solo. It’s how I roll.

And then there was yesterday.

Oh, how I ached. Lats, glutes, delts, hammies, calves, neck. Everything hurt. The pre-church Couch to 5K session I’d planned suddenly seemed like a bad idea. But I did it anyway. I felt like Tim Conway’s old man character from the Carol Burnett show. But it didn’t matter. I did it.

Here’s the thing. I’m trying to get back into shape following a surgery-induced layoff from working out. I can let some muscle soreness get in my way or I can soldier on.

My run rewarded me. As I was coming back to the house I spied my clematis plant’s first bloom of the year.


 And of course, I got to enjoy my freshly mulched yard.


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2 Responses to Of Mulch and Muscle Soreness

  1. It is just a different type of workout. You worked a lot of muscles that you would not workout while running. Think of it as cross training.

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