Snapshot Saturday: 10-20-21

This week’s recovery mileage had me running two three-milers and two four-milers. I did my four-milers on Wednesday and Friday, so today I finished the week with a three-mile run. With a run that short I decided to cover the same route I run during weekday sessions. I took the green way near my YMCA so that I could follow the run with a weight lifting session.

As I begin I pass a soccer field.

And away we go!

These are everywhere. I wonder if the birds like them.

Private property to my left. I always enjoy seeing the horses.

More private property…and cute little goats.

I like the reflections in the water.


There were LOTS of bikers, runners and walkers out today. The weather was perfect.

I see deer almost every time I run here…which is about three times per week. A man saw me take this and told me to be on the lookout for a white albino deer that lives in the area. I’d love to see it.

I took a right.

I really enjoy this stretch of road.

I ran into my friend Robyn. She was finishing a 10-miler. She’s training for the Goofy Challenge in January. Um, that’s a half marathon on Day 1 and a full marathon on Day 2. I’m just not woman enough for that!

I see this guy taking photos EVERY time I’m on this green way. Today I introduced myself. His name is Bill and he’s an amateur photographer. He’s a member of the Brentwood Camera Club. I’ll have to drop in on a meeting and view his work. When I asked if I could post this photo he told me to put his head on a better body. 🙂 Really nice guy.

My favorite season.

My three-miler is over. Time to pump some iron.

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