Pink Shizzle

Let me first say, I’m all for finding the cure. Really. I am. Too many people I care about have had breast cancer. Some made it; some didn’t. So I’m in favor of research to find a cure for that insidious disease as well as all the other cancers.

But during the month of October, I find myself suffering from Pink Fatigue, especially when products I know are unhealthy are awash in pink packaging. Sure, a portion of the sales of the products go to charities that are seeking a cure for breast cancer. But what if consuming those products makes people sick?

I did a quick on-line search of products cloaked in pink during October. I found  sodas, a well-known brand of fast food fried chicken, alcohol products and a brand of ice cream. I discovered a brand of canned soup. The soup might be ok but the can contains BPA, a chemical some studies link to increased breast cancer risk.  I could go on and on. The product that offended me the most had to be the soda, probably because I gave up diet soda for health reasons, yet sometimes I still crave it. Here’s why I kicked the habit:

Healthy? Not!

There’s no way on God’s Green Earth that shizzle can be good for us. I’ve conditioned myself to mentally say the word “cancer” every time I see a can of soda. A few weeks ago I was meeting with someone in her downtown office. She had two cans of diet soda on her desk. I scanned the desk and said to myself, “cancer, cancer.” I have to do that, otherwise I’ll cave and give in to my addiction to soda. I realize that abstaining doesn’t guarantee me a long, healthy life, but I hope I’m giving myself a fighting chance.

While surfing around doing a little research for this post I found this. I think Ms. Lade nails it, particularly her reference to pink-clad items that are filled with carcinogens.

So while I’ll continue to support finding the cure, I’m limiting my purchases to items that actually contribute to good health rather than detract from it. And while scientists and others are finding that cure, how about they work on prevention as well.

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