Snapshot Saturday: Amongst The Flowers

I recently posted about needing to slow down a bit, to create margins in my day. Saturday gardening sessions have been just the ticket. This morning I planted a few annuals for an instant pop of color. I also visited a few of my yard’s perennials that are beginning to show off.



Wave Petunia

Wave Petunia

I was glad to see this fella enjoying the irises.

I was glad to see this fella enjoying the irises.





Clematis is gettin' all fancy.

Clematis is gettin’ all fancy.


And because I also like flowers indoors….


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2 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: Amongst The Flowers

  1. Nice colour pallet

    • Pam Brown says:

      Thank you! I am intentional about the colors I plant in the front yard. We have a red front door so I start with red and also use purple and yellow. The back yard is a free-for-all.

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