I Hope She’ll “Tri”

On Friday I told you about two recent grocery store encounters. Well, my last trip to the grocery store provided me with an opportunity to be an encourager. What is it about grocery stores?


My ride.

My ride.

Anyway, I was loading my car and returning my cart to the cart holder thingy. A lady shouted at me, “Hey, I just saw your car. Have you done triathlons?” When I told her I had she squealed, “That’s awesome!” I asked her why doesn’t she do one and she responded that she can’t swim. I told her that there are swimming teachers out there who can teach the unteachable. Then I told her about the upcoming Girls Tri It On triathlon right here in Nashville. I assured her it’s beginner friendly. She responded with a “maybe next year.”

This lady was wearing a Hot Chocolate 5k hoodie, so I know she circulates in the active community. I ended up writing down the triathlon info along with my name and number and encouraged her to stay in touch. You see, I have received so much joy (and pain, and heartache 🙂 ) from triathlon, 5ks and half marathons, that I love to pay it forward.

I hope she’ll give me a call.

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