New Year, New Shirt

I have this thing about the shirts I get at 5ks and half marathons. If I don’t do the race I won’t wear the shirt. After failing to complete the Air Force Marathon I gave that shirt to charity.

Hubs and I registered for Nashville’s annual Resolution Run 5K. Hubs picked up our race packets Friday afternoon. This morning we awoke to cold, rainy, foggy weather. It was perfect sleeping in weather…in my opinion. A local charity would benefit from my registration money and a local thrift store might benefit from my donation. But hubs had other plans. So off we went in cold, rainy, foggy weather.

I decided to walk. My tendonitis and bone spurs are still bothering me so walking seemed smarter than running. Yes, I’m sure resting would have been smarter than walking, but oh well.

Please don’t tell hubs, but I’m glad I did it. It was great to start the new year in the company of others who appreciate exercise. Due to weather I walked without my best friend, Ipod which maybe made me mentally tougher. And best of all…

I get to wear the shirt!


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