So Many (Diet) Books, So Little Interest

I received an email letting me know the training log I ordered had arrived. I’ve used the same log for three years and was looking forward to having a crisp, clean 2013 edition. This is what I ordered:

triathlon diary

But when I arrived at the bookstore this was waiting for me:

triathlong bible

I don’t need a training bible, especially since I’m not training for anything, you know, because of the tendonitis and bone spurs. I just need want a log book to note my exercise sessions. As I was talking with the check out person, I rubbed my eyes. I must have had some residual cleaning solution on my hands from the day’s housework. My eyes immediately starting stinging and watering. Profusely. I was so embarrassed because I’m sure it looked like I was crying over the mistaken order. I can assure you I was not.

But I digress. On my way back to customer service to reorder the training log, I passed a display FULL of diet books. There was a time I would have bought several and excitedly read them in record time, knowing the secret to weight loss was contained in one of them.

I walked around the display out of curiosity. I wasn’t curious about the books; I was curious about my reaction to the books. Would I feel that old jolt of electricity?

Nah, they just seemed unnecessary to me. I am a firm believer in the writings of Tosca Reno (the Eat Clean series), and Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly). Tosca Reno’s books helped me see the value of eating unprocessed foods, and Dr. Davis helped me understand that my allergy symptoms are tied to eating wheat. That’s all I really need to know.

It felt good to leave the bookstore without dropping cash on five or six diet books. I’ll just look forward to writing a check for the training log.

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