Back Out There

This afternoon I’ll work out for the first time in nine days. I’ve been sick with some sort of crud. My fever finally broke last Sunday but my throat been sore…really sore.  An eight-miler is scheduled for today, but I’ve been told not to expect to be able to run that far coming off of a week-long infection.

I’m stressing about my upcoming half marathon on April 30. In my twisted thinking I’ve convinced myself that during the past nine days of inactivity I’ve lost all of my cardiovascular strength, my thighs have expanded and I’ve regained the 94 pounds I’ve worked so hard to lose.

It’s time to quit  obsessing and deal with life on life’s terms. Heck, everyone gets sick from time to time. So here’s the plan. This afternoon I will run between between four and eight miles, depending on my strength. I’ll resume my normal workout schedule next week. I can’t make up for lost training sessions but I can  make each training session between now and April 30 a solid effort. If I line up for the race a bit under-trained, so be it. Under-trained is better than over-trained.

It is what is it.

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