I Spoke Too Soon

Last weekend I posted about my final endurance event of 2010: a triathlon. It was an add-on event as I had already completed my goal of three half marathons and two sprint triathlons. Because is was 28 degrees at the start of the event, and I had a cough and cold, I opted out of the swim and just did the cycle and run. Afterward I posted that I didn’t feel any worse than I had pre-event.

I spoke too soon.

Later Saturday night I started having that awful pain around my cheekbone and in my teeth. Sinus infection. I was down. On Sunday I felt even worse. Monday was no better. Tuesday thru Friday found me starting to feel a smidge better each day.

I didn’t work out for an entire week. I thought not working out would make me feel gross. It didn’t. I suppose I needed the rest, not only to heal from the sinus infection but to just physically decompress from all of the training I did this year.

Yesterday the hubs and I took a one-hour hike at nearby Radnor Lake. Today I went on an easy, gentle bike ride with my cycling group. Tomorrow I’ll return to the gym. hopefully everyone will remember me. I’ll lift weights. And because I’m not completely over the crud, I’ll lightly jog on the dreadmill treadmill rather than run outside in the cold.

Occasional rest from exercise can be a good thing. Last week, it was essential.

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