Recipe Review: Mini Breakfast Frittatas

Prior to leaving for vacation I picked up a copy of the new The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook. I didn’t even know it existed until I saw an ad in Runner’s World Magazine. I had not yet begun my “100 Days on the Beach” challenge, but was in the planning phase. When I saw the ad, I took it as a positive sign that I was supposed to do this self-imposed challenge. Plus, I’m not at home all that much, and the word “Quick” in the cook book’s title got my attention.

I’ve made a goal to prepare one new recipe a week. Since the cookbook is copyrighted I won’t share recipes. But I’ll tell you about whether or not the dish was easy to make, I’ll advise you of substitutions I made and I’ll rate the taste on a scale of one to five yums.

This week’s experiment is the Mini Breakfast Frittatas.

In short, if loving a frittata is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The recipe called for frozen green beans. I’m the Substitution Queen and I used frozen spinach instead. The next time I make this, I’ll double the seasonings. That’s just how I roll. The recipe makes 12 frittatas and three of them constitute a serving. I love that they can be stored in the fridge for a week, meaning this early morning gym rat has four days of breakfasts prepped with only one kitchen adventure.

The ingredients were to be whirled in a food processor. I gave my processor to charity months ago because I never used it. Darn! So I used a blender, making clean up a challenge. Think about strings of thawed spinach wrapped around the blades.  Good times. I’m thinking about investing in one of those Magic Bullets. If you have one, I’d love for you to post a comment and let me know how you like it. Does it chop or just liquify? Please give me the 4-1-1. Also, I didn’t put enough cooking spray in the muffin tins, so the finished product didn’t pop out as nicely as if Paula Deen had made them.

Here’s a photo of one serving.

Don’t judge. Again, they didn’t pop out of the tins easily plus they traveled in my breakfast/lunch/snack bag. But on a scale of one to five yums, this recipe earned five.

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