Does Fitness Matter at a Time Like This? (Part 2)

On Saturday I posted about whether or not the issue of fitness matters during a time when my home town is recovering from a massive flood. (It matters).

This weekend I had to be flexible about my normal workout schedule. On Friday the hubs had a knee scope to repair a torn meniscus. I didn’t work out Friday or Saturday as I needed to keep an eye on my less than compliant patient.

Hubs is going to be on “light duty” for a while, meaning if yard work and heavy chores are going to be done, yours truly will be doing them. I happen to like most yard work. While the hubs doesn’t like it, he sees mowing as one more way to get some exercise. Through the years we’ve worked it out so that I mow the front yard and hubs takes on the back yard.

We use a walk-behind push mower rather than a riding mower. Our front yard is somewhat flat, making it perfect task I can complete in about 30-45 minutes. Our back yard has a pretty big downward slope. While I’ve mowed sections of it, I’ve never been able to tackle the whole thing. The last time I tried to mow it, I fell and sprained my ankle. That was in 2008. I haven’t tried it since because one month later I had knee surgery and was still not back to 100% last summer.

Both the hubs and I share a desire to have a neatly mowed yard…at all times. On Saturday I planned to mow the front. I told hubs I was willing to mow as much of the back yard as I felt comfortable. In other words, when the slope felt like it was too much for me I would quit. He didn’t seem to want me to mow any of it (now is not the time for me to injure myself), but he trusted me when I told him I would stop when I needed to in order to take care of myself.

A funny thing happened while tackling the back yard. I never felt uncomfortable. While is certain sections of the yard different leg muscles had to engage and I took it slow on turns, but I felt fit and strong. Before I knew it I had mowed the entire back yard. When I came inside, hubs looked just a little impressed. And he seemed relieved to know that our yard is less likely to take on jungle-like characteristics while he recovers. The only problem is now the cat’s out of the bag and both of us know I can mow our entire lawn. šŸ™‚

All the exercise I’m doing is improving my quality of life. Does fitness matter at a time like this. Yes, more than ever.

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2 Responses to Does Fitness Matter at a Time Like This? (Part 2)

  1. christieo says:

    So so glad you’re joining us!! And great job tackling that whole thing! Good for you! Sometimes I just can’t get out to the gym either, and when I can’t, I get into the garden, like today. Still burning a ton of calories! And still feeling strong. Just like you! congrats!

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