Make Someone’s Day. Compliment!

One day this week I ran into Aldi’s to buy some poinsettias. As I was walking in I passed a lady who said to me, “You’re dressed really pretty.” While I’ll admit to rocking a fun pair of boots, it was the end of the work day and I was feeling haggard, not pretty. But her kind words perked me up.

She didn’t have to say a word to me, but she took a moment and gave me a gift that cost her nothing but made me feel good. I decided right then and there, from now on when I notice something I like, I’m going to pass along the compliment.

Now, you have to understand something about me. I’m a classic introvert. I spend a lot of time in my own head, thinking. I’m not the person who chats with strangers on the elevator or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Office parties are something I endure to be a “team player.” But I am a keen people watcher. I observe a lot of things. I’m the person in a meeting who sees subtle social cues that others miss. I notice when someone’s nails look great or when a restaurant server is going the extra mile. I’m just not quick to pass along compliments to people I don’t know.

The next day I was in a parking lot and saw an older lady wearing a cute knit hat. I mean the hat was really cute, as in, if I saw it in a store I would buy it. I told the lady I really liked it. Her face lit up. I couldn’t hear her response very well but I think she said she’d just knitted it.

Here’s the thing. There’s a lot of anger and negativity in the world today. And people are rushed. We need each other. It only takes a second to pass along a compliment. And it might make someone’s day.

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