Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men…At Walmart!

Last week my Facebook friend, Rhonda posted an account of her recent trip to Walmart. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. So, with Rhonda’s permission…

So, I have a Walmart story…

This morning, with only a week before my little shadow gets out of school for the holidays, Santa’s helper was needing to wrap up some stocking stuffer purchases, secret Santa stuff, kid-gifts, gingerbread house/candy, wrapping supplies, etc…, so I decided I’d venture into my least favorite place of all time…the 7th layer of hell…Walmart in December!! Knowing my girlfriends equally loathe it, I text them and tell them, “Okay y’all, I need prayer. Santa’s at Walmart and Santa’s goin’ in.” No surprise, the parking lot was filled to overflowing, so as I’m walking the mile or four from my parking space, two big ‘ol Gaylord Entertainment buses pull up, and I’m thinkin’, “Great, just when I think it can get no worse, I’m now goin’ in with a couple thousand geriatrics!” The grinchometer was a ‘risin’, to say the least. But, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a slew of joyful people, decked out in reindeer antlers, Santa hats, and all kinds of festivity…lists in hand…unload…grabbing buggies–some two each…(shopping to bless those in need, I presume)…and off they go, practically running!

Before I knew it, their buggies were filled to overflowing with Easy Bake Ovens, bicycles, dolls, footballs, clothes, shoes, TVs, fishing poles, you name it! They were cheering each other on, ringing bells, checking off their lists, celebrating whenever they found a hard-to-find item…”Joy To The World, The Lord Has Come!” was ringing out over the loud speaker…not Jingle Bells, but “Hark the Herald, Angels Sing” appropriately serenaded the Reason for all this. Walmart workers were joyfully assisting them to find what they were hunting. There wasn’t space to even move in that store, but nobody cared, because watching all this was bringing tears to everyone’s eyes. I think I walked around, high-fiveing people for 45 minutes, without even thinking about my own list. Other shoppers were slipping them extra $20’s. The faces of every person in that store were all aglow. It literally made my day!

Heaven came down in Walmart today. Loving others…Giving…Overlooking offense…Putting others before themselves…Showing Patience…Joy…Letting others go first…Encouraging others…Sacrifice…It was beautiful. I’m thankful for that glimpse of heaven in the midst of the craziness we often make of this time of year. May we all slow down, open our eyes & ears, and take in the wonder, magic…and yes, MIRACLE that is CHRISTmas!!

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2 Responses to Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men…At Walmart!

  1. Denise Owens says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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