Roses: So Much to Learn

Last Tuesday I attended my first meeting of the Nashville Rose Society, a group I recently joined. The society was celebrating the 90th (!) birthday of the Consulting Rosarian I stalk at church.

I ran into the couple that sold me my first rosebush. They didn’t recognize me without my baseball hat, makeup-free face and grubby gardening clothes but when I reminded them of our encounter they gave me huge hugs and told me how glad they were that I was there. Gotta love rose people.

After the birthday celebration we got down to business. One of the members gave a presentation about growing roses in containers. He provided a dizzying amount of information about watering, feeding, spray schedules, and winter care. All of this showed me how little I know about my new little hobby and I left the meeting with a dull headache.

But I refuse to throw up my hands in despair. Both my “Dick Clark” and “Sparkle and Shine” are showing off with another round of blooms. I must be doing something right.

Dick Clark

Dick Clark

Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and Shine

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