I Walked With My Boss For The Cure



Last Saturday I did Nashville’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t my favorite race due to the crowds, strollers and dogs. I once came close to turning an ankle trying to weave past a group of girls skipping arm-in-arm and taking up the entire width of the street. But to the organization’s credit, huge improvements were made this year. Large fences were erected to divide participants into two start corrals: one for runners, one for walkers. Those with strollers were instructed to line up in the back of the walker corral.  In the runner corral, those who chose to have timing chips got to start in the front. I lined up towards the back of this group. My plan was to run/walk.

I started off with a nice little jog and did that for a bit. Once I started walking, my boss caught up to me. How did she find me in such a crowd? Well, if there’s a .0000001% chance I’m going to see my boss at a 5K I always wear my agency tech shirt. It’s day glow green and sports our logo.

My boss is an uber-athlete, Normally, she would run the event and get a first place trophy for her age group. But she pulled a muscle a week earlier and decided to walked the race. She walks faster than I do, so she slowed down to accommodate me. Still, the pace was a bit faster than I’m used to, so I got a nice cardio session. In fact, I decided to abandon my walk/run plan. Thankfully, I enjoy my boss’s company and we had a nice visit along the course.

The day couldn’t have been prettier and the crowd was in great spirits. And Komen does a fantastic job of making the survivors feel special (because they are!) and make the rest of us excited and hopeful about finding a cure.

My boss and I are completing all five events in Middle Tennessee’s Making a Move series. Komen was the forth event. The fifth and final event takes place on November 16. It’s the Viva la Diva Run and it supports the organization I work for. Yay! I’d love it if you joined us for this fabulous event. There’s a 5K and a 10-mile course. Take your pick! Here’s the link to register.

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