Snapshot Saturday: Rudolph’s Red Nose Run

Last night hubs and I participated in Rudolph’s Red Nose Run, a 5K benefiting a local Nashville charity. The race was supposed to be held last week just prior to the city’s annual Christmas parade. But a “wintery mix” gave the city about 1/4 inch of ice; the parade was cancelled and the 5K was postponed.

This event is a lot of fun because it’s a nighttime race and downtown Nashville is all lit up for Christmas. Beautiful! I played it straight this year, but next year I think I’ll go for an outlandish look. In fact, one of hub’s co-workers and I may come up with a theme and dress alike. Want to join us?

Thanks to my continuing, nagging tendonitis, I walked this one. It wasn’t a good night for me. For some reason I couldn’t get my breathing to regulate and it felt like I was hyperventilating during the first mile. It was actually a bit disturbing. But hubs had a great night. He’s been trying to get a sub-30-minute 5K for more than a year. He got it last night…one day after turning 53-years-old. YAY, HUBS!

Here are a few shots of folks dressed to race in their Christmas finest.

The race's namesake.

The race’s namesake.




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4 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: Rudolph’s Red Nose Run

  1. Love the “fun” runs/races. No pressure and reminds us of what running is all about.

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