How I get myself to the gym on Monday mornings

I have a love/hate relationship with Monday mornings. When I get to the gym, my week begins in the best way possible and I feel unstoppable. When my desire to sleep-in until the last possible moment gets the best of me, I spend the rest of the week skipping gym sessions and telling myself I’ll start over next Monday. Then next Monday the temptation to sleep-in is there again. See a pattern?

I’m coming off a nine month gym lay-off and my workout habits are not yet firm. That means I need to put plans in place in ensure my success until my habits automatic. My solution?

On Sunday evenings I sleep in my gym clothes! I did this years ago and recently my pastor mentioned doing this to make sure he doesn’t skip his morning workouts. I don’t have to do this every night (because, jog bras); only on Sunday nights. Once I complete that Monday morning workout, I’m motivated to adhere to my exercise schedule the rest of the week.

Today marks my third Monday in a row that I’ve gotten myself to the gym and gotten my week off to a positive start.

If you find yourself dreading that Monday morning workout, I invite you to give sleeping in your workout clothes a try.

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  1. Yessss💪💪 i also say in my new post that you should try to sleep in gym clothes…you know it works haha!!

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