Capsule Wardrobe: Making Mornings Easier

Y’all! Last spring I stumbled upon capsule wardrobing while surfing the Net. I gave it a try for spring/summer and I loved it so much I spent last Saturday morning putting together another capsule for fall/winter.

I won’t get into the details of capsule wardrobes because you can find plenty of info with a quick Google search. In short, you build a wardrobe with just a few pieces that you can mix and match. Most people (at least as far as I can tell via my “research”) set up four capsules per year to align with the four seasons. I put together a fall/winter capsule simply because Nashville weather is so unpredictable that I need a variety of clothing weights and I don’t want to do a closet change-out more than twice a year.

The thinking behind capsule wardrobing is that it reduces decisions. A lot of people wear a “uniform” in order to have one less thing to think about; i.e. Steve Jobs wore a pair of jeans and a St. Croix brand mock turtleneck shirt. every. single. day.

When I pulled out my off season clothes I discovered they had required two large storage containers to hold all of them.


Ugh. I had two of these full of fall/winter clothes.

I did a ruthless purge and I’ll be dropping off a big ole pile of clothes to a thrift store hubs and I support.


I knew I wasn’t going to wear these, so why keep them?

I sorted through the clothes I decided to keep, and selected a few for the fall/winter capsule.


See the space between hangers? I used to cram everything into my closet and ended up wearing only a few favorite pieces over and over.

You’ll notice some of the hangers are facing the wrong way. Those are clothes I have not yet worn this season. Once I wear an article, I’ll hang it back the right way. When it’s time to bring out my spring/summer clothes, any wrong facing hangers from this capsule means that item hasn’t been worn and I’ll donate it.

This capsule contains 6 pairs of pants, 8 skirts, 3 dresses that can be worn different ways, and 21 tops. That’s a lot of stuff by some capsulers’ standards, but again, this is two seasons worth of clothes.

Because I purged a lot, I only need one storage container to store my off season clothes as well as current season items that didn’t make it into this capsule. What am I doing with my extra container?


I now have space for hub’s and my Halloween get ups!

I am so glad I discovered capsule wardrobes. Fewer decisions in the morning (or the night before) means more time for my morning workout as well as my meditation time before dashing to the office.

If you are looking for ways to minimize morning stress, I invite you to give capsule wardrobing a try.














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