Half marathon training begins now!


Source: MyFitnessPal.com

I haven’t done a half marathon since spring 2016. That year I completed the Frostbite Half in February, the Little Rock Half in March, and the Country Music Half in April. That feat of completing three halfs within 90 days earned me entry into the Half Fanatics organization. I can’t remember my own phone number, but I can remember my Fanatic number is 14549. I felt a real sense of accomplishment earning it. And since then, I’ve lost my mojo.

I blame my lack of interest on little nagging injuries and life getting busy. The injuries consisted of a stubborn case of tendonitis in late 2016 and a twisted knee in March of this year. Life getting busy came in the form of receiving a wonderful job offer late last year and beginning said job in January. It’s been a rewarding whirlwind and just within the last few weeks have I felt as though I was coming up for air. Sadly, during this start-up time I’ve missed more gym sessions than I’ve accomplished and I’ve had far too many grab and go fast food meals. As a result I am very out of shape and I feel pretty gross. Hopefully, that’s about to change.

A few weeks ago I put together a spring 2018 half marathon schedule. A friend from my running club gave me a 16-week schedule she wrote for a group of women she trains. I put pen to paper and scheduled all of my training sessions leading up to a February half marathon. Last week I looked at my schedule for the first time in a while and discovered that my training officially begins…

Today! Yikes!

I won’t say I’m excited about training. After what’s basically been a year-and-a-half layoff, I anticipate feeling bad before I feel good. But step by step, I hope to feel fantastic soon.

It’s still dark outside, so I’m off to the gym to hit the dread…er…treadmill.

Wish me luck as I begin this 16-week journey!

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