Snapshot Saturday: 10-29-16

It’s been a week full of good stuff (I taught a two-day intensive Fund Raising Boot Camp for Nashville’s Center for Nonprofit Management) and one big stressor. While driving to a friend’s house Thursday night, I hit a deer. Yesterday I had a tension headache All. Day. Long. I had intended to work on a couple of upcoming workshops but instead I was on the phone with the insurance company, and later I took my still driveable but quite damaged car for an appraisal. The car’s in the shop, I’m in a rental and I am grateful I wasn’t hurt. As for the deer, she fled the scene of the accident so I can only hope she’s ok.

This morning I decided I’d had a busy week and a rest is in order. I did some light work on one of the workshops and then I did what I encourage my coaching clients to do: something for self. As you can guess, for me that means going outside and visiting my babies. Enjoy.

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1 Response to Snapshot Saturday: 10-29-16

  1. Denise says:

    Ooh, sorry to hear but glad to hear you took some time for yourself today.

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