Adulting Through Injury

Well, folks, I have Achilles tendonitis.

I’ve been training for an October 29 half marathon. Last week I noticed some pain while running (and walking). Thursday night during my running club meetup, things intensified to the point I was limping at the end of two miles. I decided to do something I rarely do, seek professional treatment.

My physical therapist confirmed my self-diagnosis. He punctuated it by saying it’s a pretty angry case. I’ve cleared the half marathon from my calendar. The cheapskate in me hates not running a race I’ve paid for, but this one is a charity event, so I can at least feel good about the dollars going to a worthy cause.

Per my PT’s orders, I won’t run for about 10 days (today is Day 6, but who’s counting?). I’ve been prescribed very gentle exercises and I’m getting laser treatments three times per week. Once the inflammation is calmed down I’ll receive weight training exercises to target and strengthen my calves which will support the Achilles tendons.

Once I’m cleared to start running again I am to begin at 2 miles per session and increase the mileage no more than 10% per week. The 10% a week rule is sound advice that medical professionals recommend. Come to think of it, I wasn’t following that rule during this most recent training stint. Maybe that’s why I have tendonitis now. Hmmm.

In an effort to act like an adult, I am following my PTs orders and will continue to do so when it’s time to start running again. I’m not allowing myself to shop for other half marathons until I rebuild my mileage base…safely, and following the 10% per week rule.

I’m now decidedly a “woman of a certain age.” The days of playing catch-up with my running mileage  are over. If I want to do half marathons when I’m in my 70s (and I do) I have to play it smart while in my 50s.

Playing it smart is a new concept for me, I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂



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