Snapshot Saturday and a Race Report: The Heroes in Recovery 6K

This morning I did the Heroes in Recovery 6K. Why hold a 6k rather than the traditional 5K race? The extra kilometer is in honor of the extra distance people in recovery must go to stay clean and sober. I think that’s a brilliant metaphor so I happily registered for this race. This was my first year to do this one.

I ended up walking a lot of it. I woke up not feeling well thanks to eating some ill-advised queso dip last night, (Why, Pam. Why?) And my running shoes are past their prime, giving me knee pain. I ordered a new pair earlier this week, but as of 0-dark-thirty this morning, they’d not yet arrived.

This race is held in beautiful Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, about 45 minutes away from my home in Nashville. It is a very hilly course and one of the the prettiest short courses I’ve ever been on. My only complaint is…and this is a small one…I’m not fond of allowing dogs and baby strollers on a course.  I know I risk having hate thrown at me, but I’m entitled to my opinion. This morning, a group with stroller and a dog stopped RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME to deal with the dog that didn’t want to be on the course. Their solution was to put the dog in a compartment in the stroller. Fido was having no part of it, so they had to stop again. Thankfully I’d passed them but I could hear the commotion. There are many reasons one may have to stop during a race, but for the love of Pete, pull over to the side of the road first.

Because I was walking much of the course, I decided to take a few pictures along the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will definitely to this race again. Next year I plan to wear newer shoes and skip the queso the night before!

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