Snapshot Saturday: Labor Day edition

I taught Sunday School yesterday and the lesson was about God’s magnificence. I asked my 80+ year-old students, “Do you think we pause often enough to reflect on the awesomeness of God?” Most agreed that we don’t. I had to admit that when I go to places like the Grand Canyon, God’s wonder is right there for the enjoying, but I don’t often think about it when driving to work in Nashville traffic. During today’s three-mile run on a nearby green way, I was intentional about noticing the beauty of my surroundings. While I was trying to run a little faster than normal, I slowed enough to take a few pictures.

0905160814.jpg 0905160821.jpg 0905160904.jpg

I’m grateful to have such a beautiful green way about a mile from my home. I hope I continue to let the scenery remind me of the Great Creator.

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1 Response to Snapshot Saturday: Labor Day edition

  1. Denise Owens says:

    Really nice!

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