Running in Americana

On Saturday I told you about my miserable, humid, six-mile run. Today I get to tell you about last night’s wonderful three-miler with my running club.

When I turned on my iPod I discovered the battery was dead. I must have hit the “on” button when I packed it, because I’d not used it since its last charge. Hubs told me I was just going to have to hum.

A funny thing happened while running without my music. I was more in tune (see what I did there) with my surroundings. I saw people on bicycles, other runners, walkers, kids on swing sets, neighbors sitting on the front steps lost in conversation and people watering their lawns. The folks I saw were from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, and the scenes were free of the vitriol I’ve been seeing on tv and online. It was so peaceful.

My thoughts turned to a friend who died a few weeks ago. Rich was a songwriter and while many of his songs are hilarious, one of his more touching works is among my favorites: “Americana.” Moe Bandy recorded it in 1993. The song’s words swirled around in my head while I ran and when I got to the 1.5 mile turnaround point I looked up and saw this.


Could that be more perfect?

I thought I’d share with you Rich’s performance of “Americana.” I was fortunate enough to be at this show. I hope you enjoy the clip.






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