Saturday Reflections: It’s Stupid-Hot

I have a friend in Vegas whom I affectionately call Desert Queen. In the summertime, DQ likes to describe the weather there as stupid-hot. During the dog days of summer, Nashville is both stupid-hot and stupid-humid. It got the best of me this morning when I was out for my six-mile training run. It was a run that’s best forgotten, therefore I’m writing about it.

As I was heading out the door at 7 a.m. the local weatherman was saying, “If you plan to go for a walk this morning, you might want to switch to cycling. It’s pretty muggy out there. I supposed he was suggesting that by cycling one could create a breeze.

I drove to my gym which is situated in a walking and running-friendly community. It’s the same area I run with my Thursday evening running club. I stopped in for that all-important final potty break, then I’d planned to run three miles out and three miles back to the car.

As soon as I turned on my Ipod I heard the low battery message. Not good. I started running intervals (1:1). When I’d made it two miles the air felt so thick from the humidity I started feeling panicky. I decided I’d gone out far enough. I would turn around and by the time I’d returned to the gym I would have completed four miles. I would decide later whether to finish the remaining two miles on the treadmill or just bag it and go home. I turned off my interval timer and walked for a while until the panic went away, then resumed the intervals.

Once I got to the gym I convinced myself to at least walk the remaining two miles. I’d almost completed one treadmill mile and was feeling spent. Just then an angel in the form of a church friend hopped on the treadmill beside me. Having someone to talk to took my mind off my tired self and before I knew it, two miles on the treadmill and four miles outside were in the books.

I’m not proud of my time today. Those six miles took longer than usual and I walked more than usual. But I choose to be proud that I covered the distance. I’m hopeful that the heat and humidity I’m enduring now will pay dividends when I run half marathons this fall.

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