Treasure Every Day



Hubs and I are “airshow people” and we’ve been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. It’s the Great Tennessee Air Show weekend.

Going through my Twitter news feed this morning, I saw several posts from Nashvillians who shot video showing the Blue Angels flying over Nashville in route to nearby Smyrna where the show is taking place. Six beautiful planes, flying in tight formation over town. Beautiful!

And so sad.

Hours later, Blue Angel #6 crashed during a practice flight and the pilot, Captain Jeff Kuss was killed. It was chilling to watch the videos of the planes, filmed during a moment of excitement and awe, knowing what would happen a just few hours later.

For that pilot, yesterday was just another day at the office. He had no idea it would be his last day on earth. Sadly, every once in a while, life hands us a reminder to treasure every day.

Do I treasure every day? Actually, no. I can get caught up in petty worries and silly conflicts. Stuff that will not matter five years from now, or five minutes from now. I can forget that God’s in charge and really doesn’t need me to worry all over a problem. He just wants me to pray all over it.

I am so, so sorry about what happened to the Blue Angels team yesterday. And I am going to try not to waste the lesson it has given me.


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