When Forced to Rest

My last workout was the Rock N Roll Nashville half marathon on April 30. Last week I didn’t run/walk one step. I didn’t lift one weight. I had an unusually busy work week with two fundraising events and my coaching business. I worked a lot of extra hours and didn’t even have time to worry about the fact that I wasn’t getting to the gym. Oh, I imagined my muscles atrophying and my cardio vascular health suffering, but I just reminded myself I was powerless over my circumstances and made getting eight hours of sleep the priority rather than cutting sleep short to get to the gym. I worked all day on Saturday and yesterday I had church, then Mother’s Day activities with my mom.

A funny thing happened when I went to the gym today. I felt great! My legs felt strong and rested. I only did two miles, but I did them faster than I have in a few weeks. I attribute it to taking the week off and getting a full recovery following the half marathon.

I don’t want to take another week off from working out anytime soon, but I think I’ve learned something about the value of rest and recovery following a long distance event.

What about you? Do you take time off following a race? I’d love to hear your experience so hit me in the comments section.

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