I’m a Half Fanatic!

Greetings from Half Fanatic #14549!

Half fanatics

When I decided to abort my marathon plan, I set a new goal. I wanted to qualify for the Half Fanatics club. The easiest way, in my opinion, to qualify is by completing three half marathons in 90 days. I did the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half on February 6, The Little Rock Half on March 6. And I accomplished my goal on Saturday with the Rock N Roll Nashville Half, right here in my home town.

I’m not gonna lie. Saturday’s was the toughest of the three. We had a pre-race rain shower which created a lot of humidity. By the time I finished, the temperature was in the 70s. The hills were brutal. There were times between Miles 2 and 10 that I didn’t think I would make it. I felt light headed, over-heated, and a little panicky. When the dizziness hit I took a gel and water. I took Gatorade at most of the stations. But the main reason I was able to finish was I reframed my thinking.

I decided not to concentrate on the miles ahead of me. Having completed two halfs, I concentrated on the small number of miles that remained between me and Half Fanatic qualification. My thoughts when something like this.

At Mile 3: “There are only 10 miles between me and the Half Fanatics.

At Mile 6.6: I am halfway through this race AND there are only 6.5 miles between me and the Half Fanatics.

At Mile 10: There’s only a 5K between me and the Half Fanatics.

And then I crossed the finish line!

Once I arrived back home I went the the Half Fanatics website and completed the application. I few hours later I received confirmation that I qualified and a link to complete the sign up process. As long as I pay my membership dues each year (only $15) I never have to requalify, although I can move up in rank (I’m currently at the beginner Neptune level).

It feels great to complete this goal so early in the year!


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