Am I Delightful?

I had an experience this week that delighted me.

I’ve been waiting for weeks for the Nashville Rose Society’s annual Vendor Night. It would be my first time to participate. Here’s how it works. Members receive order sheets in advance, we place our orders and on Vendor Night we pick up and pay for everything. The prices are great and 10% of the sales benefit the society. I ordered four roses, Mills Magic Mix, Mills Easy Feed and four bags of a premium garden soil. I paid for everything and scampered to the loading area with my receipts, all excited.

When I got to the soil pick up, there were only two bags of the variety I ordered. The guy loading my car was kind and apologetic and when I told him I’d simply get a refund he asked me to let his boss know what had happened. I received my refund for two bags of soil, then cruised over to the soil vendor booth. The gentleman wrote down my name and told me he owed me two bags of soil. I explained that he didn’t because I received my refund and we were squared away. He insisted that he wanted me to receive the balance of my order at no charge. I told him he didn’t have to do that and he answered, “Yes, I do.”

This morning I received an email letting me know my soil was waiting for me at the botanical garden where we have our monthly rose society meeting. I had appointments nearby so I drove over to pick up the bags. The vendor gave me an extra bag for my trouble, so that made three free bags of premium garden soil.

This experience has caused me to think about my own interactions. Are my coaching clients delighted with the service I provide? Do I provide great customer service at the nonprofit where I work…not only to my donors (I’m the Development Director) but to my colleagues, the board, and our clients? When I teach Sunday School and ESL as a volunteer, am I prepared? How about the board of directors on which I serve, do I do my best work?

I want to be as delightful to those with whom I interact as the soil vendor was with me. I’m grateful for the example I received today.

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