A week without Facebook


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I’ve been checking Facebook too often. Way too often. Like countless times per day. So I decided to do something about it. I disabled my account for Holy Week. Today is Thursday and I’ve survived. Actually I’ve thrived.

Why disable my account instead of just not logging on? Over time I’ve been getting more private messages via FB. I’m pretty compulsive about returning email messages promptly so Facebook was beginning to feel like another email account in addition to the three real accounts I maintain. By disabling, no one can send me messages. It’s been so freeing!

This morning a friend told me it might be possible to adjust my FB settings to disallow private messages. I’m going to check into that when I reactivate the account. If you happen to know whether or not that’s true, I hope you’ll post a comment here on the blog and let me know. You’ll be doing a service for me and all mankind. If it’s possible I’ll feel much less compelled to check in so often.

I have to admit, I’ve missed seeing photos posted by members of the gardening groups I’m a part of. But I haven’t missed all of the online screaming and cyber arguing about politics. That was getting old.

Now, don’t go getting the idea I’ve been completely unplugged. While I’ve been enjoying total abstinence from Facebook, I’m still engaged with Instagram (my favorite social networking platform) and LinkedIn. But the absence of Facebook in my life as has decreased mental clutter. I like having less to keep up with.

My Facebook break won’t last forever. I’m an administrator for three business pages (two for my fundraising job and one for my coaching business) that require my attention. But this little break has been good for my soul.

Do you ever feel you spend more time on Facebook than you’d like? How have you addressed this? Hit me in the comments section. But don’t private message me on Facebook!

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