Little Rock or Bust

This afternoon following my last appointment of the day I’ll begin packing for my weekend trip to Little Rock for the Little Rock Half Marathon. This isn’t the race for which I originally registered. I wanted to do the full marathon. But once my training climbed to 18 miles my foot couldn’t take it. I may do a full someday, but now is not the time.

I am really excited about this half. Tomorrow I’ll drive to Memphis to pick up a good friend who is also doing the race. From there it’s a two hour-ish drive to packet pick up. It will be fun to spend the weekend with a friend I don’t see often enough. And I hope half marathon #13 will be fun as well. This will be my first half outside of Tennessee and I hear the Little Rock staff and volunteers are fantastic.

This morning I did my final workout before Sunday, an easy two-miler. I felt really good. Strong. While I want to get in better shape and lose more weight, I’m also happy with where I am right now. I am “trained up” for the half marathon distance, having done one last month. It’s easier for me to “remain trained” than to “get trained” and right now it feels like half marathons are “something I do” rather than “something I have to get ready for.”

So, wish me luck. I’ll be back in Nashville on Monday and I plan to post a report about the event. Until then…

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