About Last Night

Last night.

5 p.m.

I was supposed to join a conference call. I’ve recently been elected to the board of directors of the International Coach Federation, Tennessee Chapter, and we had some business to discuss. But I was not yet finished handling a work issue at my fundraising job. I was 10 minutes late joining the call. When I finally dialed-in, it was time to slide into Nashville rush hour traffic so I took the call on the ride home.


I exited the conference call with the ICFTN board members because I needed to toggle back to the fundraising issue. Another phone call, still in traffic.


I completed the call, pulled into my garage, walked upstairs, and there stood hubs, all dressed for our weekly meet-up with the running club. I was of course still in my work clothes with one more business call to make. I sent hubs away and I made the call, sad that I was going to miss my weekly outing with the South Side Runners.

But wait! I realized I could change into my running gear while on this call. I told the person I was talking to what I was doing, and we were able to complete the call while I had the phone on speaker setting, allowing me to change clothes while we discussed the fundraising issue.


The South Side Runners had started running and I was still at home. I checked email before I left the house and there was a message regarding the ICFTN conference call I exited early. Desperately wanting my day to be all wrapped up, I called the person who sent the email and we completed that business while I drove to the running club meet up place, which is thankfully very close to home.


I was finally running. My Garmin wasn’t synced but I didn’t want to wait any longer to get started. Of course I was by myself and no one knew I was joining them. We run an out-and-back course so I’d see members at some point. After some time I saw hubs coming back in. And then I saw more members coming back. I cut my run short in order to have dinner with the crew.

Last night’s run wasn’t pretty. I was mentally tired from all of the phone calls crammed together. (That fundraising issue? It was resolved and all is well.) It would have been easy to stay at home and enjoy having the house to myself.

But I wanted to run just a little more than I wanted to stay home and veg out.




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