A New Year, A Clean Slate, A Blank…

Training Diary!

My Facebook feed is full of new possibility posts, memes of blank pages and clean slates. I love that. In fact, I shamelessly stole the blank slate idea from a friend and updated my Pam Brown Life Coach FB cover photo with this.

blank board

Get it? A clean board.

But what I really like about New Year’s Day is breaking out my new training diary. I’ve used this style for several years.


While it’s specific to triathlon, I use it to record all of my training sessions.


For me, the blank pages represent a year of possibilities.

I have one big event planned, a marathon in March, but other than that I haven’t decided on other races. I hope to do several half marathons this year, but I can’t really get my mind around which ones until I have the marathon monkey off my back.

I’ve been following the Half Fanatics on Facebook and I’ve been inspired this week by all of the pictures of people holding medals they earned in 2015. Many of them have more medals from one year than I have from all of my half marathons combined (11).

Anyway, I’ve already been to the gym this morning, so I’ve recorded my first workout in my 2016 diary. Today happens to be the last day of the Holiday Running Streak a friend from my running club put together. I tallied my running/walking/elliptical miles covered since Thanksgiving day and they totaled…


I’m delighted with that, especially since I missed four days of workouts during the streak: two due to TMJ headaches, one due to needing a full rest day following a long-run and one because I spent my workout time winterizing my rose bushes.

And so, as I look ahead, I’m hopeful 2016 brings me my first marathon medal, improved health and well being, smaller jeans, a diary full of injury-free workouts and lots of mileage.

I wish you a healthy and happy 2016. I hope you will live the heck out of it.


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