Half Marathon #12 will have to wait

Today wasn’t my day.

I was supposed to do my 12th half marathon, the Mt. Juliet Holiday Half. I lined up at the start with my new Gym Boss, prepared to do 2:1 intervals as I did during my 10 mile training run last Friday. But I encountered a barrier I had not anticipated. Hills. Steep hills. And lots of them. 3.78 miles into the race I knew  finishing meant being on the course much longer than I intended. My foot wasn’t going to be able to take it, so I chose to stop. For those new to this blog, I had a four-hour foot surgery almost three years ago and I still have pain from that. And I have chronic tendonitis in the other foot. In fact, I was in a lot of pain following each long run leading up to today. The hills also aggravated the muscle pull I experienced while hiking in Colorado in October.

I am registered for a full marathon in early 2016. That means I must address this foot pain. Here’s my plan:

  • I’m recommitting to an anti-inflammatory food plan. Lately I’ve been compliant for four or five days, cheat for a day, jump back on plan. I’d like to give 100% compliance a try to see where that takes me.
  • Explore custom orthotics for my running shoes. I’ve put this off because of the expense. I’m ready to bite the bullet.

A few years ago quitting a race meant I would have spent the rest of the day being mad at myself and throwing a pity party. I would have given the race shirt to charity as if I hadn’t “earned” the right to wear it. I know this because when I was swept from the course of my only marathon attempt, I promptly donated my race shirt to a charity thrift store. Today I am a more mature me and, while disappointed, I applaud myself for making a decision that was in the best interest of my  well-being.

Our goodie bags contained a little Christmas tree ornament. I’ve already put it on my tree. I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow morning and I’ll likely wear the race shirt. After all, while I didn’t cover the official 5k route, I did a 5k plus a little more. I choose to celebrate that…and celebrate making an adult decision.


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