It’s been a crazy few weeks, hence my absence here. Thankfully, yesterday provided a wonderful chance to clear the cobwebs from my brain.

A few weeks ago outdoor retailer REI announced that in addition to closing on Thanksgiving (yay!) stores would be closed on Black Friday as a way to encourage its employees and co-op members (like me) to enjoy the outdoors. Soon the #optoutside hashtag was everywhere.

This weekend I was to have one more long run (10 miles) before next week’s half marathon. Friday’s are my coaching days and I only booked one call yesterday. That client sweetly agreed to move our call to the afternoon so that I could #OptOutside in the morning and complete the long run. I’m so glad I did that because today Nashville is experiencing light rain and it’s supposed to be wet again tomorrow.

I shot this during my #OptOutside adventure and posted it on Instagram with the hashtag.


Did you #OptOutside yesterday? Share your Instagram handle in the comments section so we can find you. Me, I’m Pamojamogram. Let’s connect!

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